Getting this vehicle on the Road

Myron McCabe is my name and this Web Site is slowly getting started. I call it Maccabee Brothers Music and it represents me and my brother, Ed and our efforts to make Gospel Music. We write songs and sing them at Adult Care facilities and churches.

Our love of Gospel music began as children in a Christian Home. We had family devotions every night after supper. Our family of Father, Mother, and three children would gather in the Front Room and read the Bible and pray. Daddy sat in one rocking chair and the rest of us sat on Davenports, which many people call sofas. Momma and Daddy would pray long prayers for us and for our kinfolk and for others that we knew.

There were Bible drills in which we would be given a scriptural reference and each would try to be the first to find that scripture in the Bible. Whoever got there first would read it out loud.

There were also times of memorizing scriptures from the Bible and repeat them out loud to the family. We would often memorize whole chapters from the Bible.

I learned to play the piano starting at nine-years-of-age and kept on taking lessons until I was finished with College. My brother Leon also took lessons until he was finished with College. Ed liked to sing, though he did take some accordion lessons and piano lessons. He wanted to become a singer so he enlisted me to play piano for him to sing along with, and bugged the parents to get me a guitar to learn so I could also play for him to sing. So now has been 60 years since I started piano and about 55 since I started guitar.

I still memorize scripture and read the Bible and pray. Starting at age 55 I started doing lots of memorization of whole chapters of the Bible. Also, I found certain poems I remember from childhood and memorized lots of them. The Raven, Annabelle Lee, and Ulalume by Edgar Allan Poe; Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, The Road Not Taken, Mending Wall, To the Thawing Wind, and The Onset by Robert Frost; A Narrow Fellow in the Grass, Hope is the Thing With Feathers, by Emily Dickenson; The Village Blacksmith, and Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Longfellow; and Myself by Edgar Guest.

So, when we go to Nursing Homes and Senior Centers, I recite some poems, play some Gospel pieces and some Classical pieces on the piano and sing some duets with Ed while playing guitar. The folks are quite happy to see us there and so much enjoy our presentations.